Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

Samstag, 28. Februar 2009

Foto Safari #7

Our local post office has this beautiful air gridiron and I think it is worth to show. Houses built around 1900 have so many pretty and lovely decorations. It is a pity that modern houses are often so straight. A perfect little thing to show off here in Foto Safari of! Enjoy and have a super Sunday!

Mittwoch, 25. Februar 2009

ღ Hat redone ღ

Remember this hat? I posted it some time ago! Now I decided that I rather add some flowers to it. It's just done and I think it looks much better. My photos do not show the real nice colours of the NORO Silk Garden and the Alpaca Yarn though.....

Dienstag, 24. Februar 2009

♥ Heart Cuffs ♥

Yesterday I found a rest of this dusty pink lambswool and later in the eve this pair of cuffs were done. I just love those small cuffs, whom are more like a broad bracelet, so they don't get in conflict with sweaters, jumpers, cardigans, coats or anoraqs...and they are so warm and cozy!!!! The hearts are knitted of NORO Kureyon (used the shrill pink part only) and so is the green edge. The tips of the hearts got a shimmering tiny green bead. I washed them at 40°C in the machine, so shrinking was only a minimum, but the knitwork became a soft but sturdy tissue.
At the same time I washed my Lilith coat for the first time. I have it since long and it was necessary to wash it. I was never really pleased with this coat and it was far too long. As I wasn't aware that the texture is a lot of wool, the coat was shrinking enormous, so I have now a long jacket, was is not too bad. First I was a little shocked, but finally it fits me much better now and looks special vintage.
It is a beautiful sunny day today. It was cold last night and when the sun came up this morning all was glittering in lovely hoarfrost. The snow is completely gone though! Next month it will probably be really Springlike already. The dog needs to be walked now and we will go a relaxing round thru the forest now - before the hectic starts with the funeral. Many far relatives from other parts of the country will arrive and stay over night and tomorrow Edina will come home from England; so we have to pick her up in Lübeck airport...

Montag, 23. Februar 2009

Foto Safari #6

Can you trace what this is?

While walking the dog yesterday thru the forest I found this quite deep puddle with masses of fir needles swimming in it and the gray sky reflecting in the water.

This is my 6th pic for Fotosafari! Enjoy and have a nice week!!! Y

Sonntag, 22. Februar 2009

~ Herald of Spring ~

Time of mourning is not only black! I think a little colour is allowed and can be added. This pair of wristwarmers is just ready and I like them. It is still necessary to wear some even though Spring is ahead. I used lambswool again and as I looooove green I this time used a very fresh springlike grassgreen! And as I also love black clothes with a little colourful eyecatcher added, this is just right. Winter is not really over though, but the birds start to sing....
wishing all out in Bloglandia a fantastic new week!

Samstag, 21. Februar 2009

* Post 111 *

Yes, this is already my Post 111! Blue is really not my colour, but I love Pearlhyacinths (next to Snowdrops and Forget-me-nots), so I had to take this pic. Think it is so lovely and fresh...Y
it's a gray day and the snow is gone, but the birds sing and it smells a bit of spring today.
The Green Warehouse and Pet Shop on the other side of the road had a delivery by truck and this truck lost enormous amounts of oil. It made the road shimmer in all rainbow colours, but as I could not get out of the house without getting oily feet, I had to call the fire brigades. Nobody else seem to care about, but they came and cleaned the road...

...they had to work on it for quite some time!

Freitag, 20. Februar 2009

Foto Safari #5

For further distraction I do a little Fotosafari Blogging today! Some time ago this pic (and many more) were made of the road sidelines. They were halfway vanished already in this case and occure do little figurines. Do you see the person in the middle doing a headstand?
For more photos you can click to and for participating in Foto Safari you can visit
You all have a nice weekend!!!

Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2009

* A new Blow of Fate *

This afternoon another death in the near family occured - a new blow of fate!
Since mid 2007 not much good things happend and I had hoped for the new year that it should turn out better, but it don't seem it does.....
I am just a little blogging to distract a bit and will be back later, hopefully with better news!

Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2009

Foto Safari #4

I have not been in Greece or somewhere else in Antiquity recently, this photo just shows the entrance of the Old Museum in Berlin. It is definitely huge and built in classisism style by K.F Schinkel between 1823-30. It holds though a great treasure: the still original coloured bust of Nofretete from Armana Times, about 1340 BC. I thought that it was not allowed to take photos inside, so I left the camera in the van. What a pity, as it was possible and the other visitors made pix like crazy. Next time I will take some, too. She is so beautiful.....
Hope you will enjoy this!? This is my fourth entry to Foto Safari of

Dienstag, 17. Februar 2009

~ Flower Tendril Headband ~

A new headband is ready: made of tweed LOPI in darkbrown, edge is light green and decoration a white rose tendril I sewed on. It is so soft and warm; a real pleasure to wear! It looks a bit like a hat, what is wanted. Had to felt it three times in the machine at 60°C before it had the consistence I wanted; now I am happy with the result. Winter is still here, but the snow meltet off, at least most of it. It is a fine clear day today, quite the opposite to yesterday. So just right for a long walk and wearing my new headband.... Y

Montag, 16. Februar 2009

Foto Safari #3

As I love Buttercups I did a few photographic experiments with a bouquet of them and this is my todays pic for Fotosafari of Petunia ( Enjoy!
Yesterday it snowed all day and it was the first time since long I saw beautiful single little snowstars on my black gloves and anoraq. What a pity they melt off so fast! Often we have only bundles of flakes sfalling or only small iceneedles etc., but hardly those little stars...this morning it's all muddy again anyway. It is milder today and some of the snow is vanishing.
Hope the bright colours of the flowers will give you a good start into a new, happy week!

Sonntag, 15. Februar 2009

~ Some Fun ~

To give it a good start into a new week, here's some fun: as you can see I made it on the cover of Vogue and a guy found it worth to have me as a graffiti portrait....*grin* Enjoy!

Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2009

Foto Safari #2

Hälleristningar! I love them! So matching to Fotosafari's Logo, I thought of my photos I once made in Tanumshede, Sweden. Think how old they are (about 8000 years) and what happend then and who were those folks producing them; real fascinating. Recommend to all to visit them whenever you have the chance. There are many around in this area, also over the border in Norway near R110. Enjoy!! For more infos, see!

Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2009

~ Happy ~

Today I received a letter with good news: my x-rays/mammography was without result. I had to do them to check my cyst and to clear if all other parts are ok. Sure I was afraid, I was nervous in a nervous time, I have burnouts again, but I am happy now.
Here's another pair thumb-cuffs out of this pretty Trekking-Yarn. They are similar to the pair I made before. I love the colours. And I don't like it that they do not produce this colour anymore, they change so often; all other's are usually nice, too, but this one was one of my faves. Oh well, I am so exhausted today, so I'd rather see my bed now.... Y

Foto Safari #1

This is my first FOTO SAFARI Shot! Aren't they just cute? Made in Drevsjö, Hedmark. Fröya and her pups. YYY
If you want to share, visit! Enjoy!!

Dienstag, 10. Februar 2009

* * Winter is back * *

Petunia has a lovely idea! Fotosafari! It is to have pix out you want to share with others. This lovely widget follows it and will start right off and dedicate my new winterphotos to it!
It started to snow heavy again this morning and with it came a quite strong breeze. It still snows and it is early evening now. All my beloved snowdrops that were already peaking thru are covered with a layer of fresh white again! It looks lovely, but driving is a mess...

Sonntag, 8. Februar 2009

~ Playin' in the Rain ~

¯¯¨˜“ª¤.¸°¸ª“˜¨¨¯ ¯¨˜“ª¤.¸°¸ª“˜¨¨¯¯

Gizmo found a football. He has always been a great football/soccer player! So this one came right in time for a little game...

Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2009

♥ Award! ♥

From Inger-55 in Trondheim, Norway, I received this beautiful Award! Thanx so much, was so lovely of you to think of me!
There are many blogs I frequently read out in Bloglandia and I especially love those that provide me with fantastic pix also from the area they come from and which is of personal interest to me. Therefore this award goes on to:
Bella McBride
They deserve it!!! Thanking you for all the nice you present in your blogs

Montag, 2. Februar 2009

Berlin, Berlin ...

Some houses still have their damages from WW2; look what somebody wrote with chalk...!
...and some houses of parliament are completely new!

Walk along River Spree off Museums Island along Kupfergraben and take a look over to ex eastside: two trees are the homes to many Kormorans; the trees are completely white from their droppings!

Gray winterweather, but it is always great to stroll down Unter den Linden; all these georgeous buildings; see the Red City Hall in the very right corner.

The classic sight: Karli and Gizmo in front of Brandenburger Tor - a Must to visitors in town!

~ Some fine new Beads ~

Today I placed some more beads for sale in my other blog! Maybe girls, you need some...? Y

Sonntag, 1. Februar 2009

Berlin, Berlin ...

Prohibited for dogs - actually - but I wasn't aware of that, so Gizmo made a small walk into Holocaust Monument! Yes, back in Berlin, what a joy! I am really in love with this city now...

The first articles of the German Constitution written on this glaswall on parliament houses along River Spree.

I made this pic on ex westside; the other side of River Spree was East...see the white crosses in remembrance of some victims that were killed while trying to surmount the innergerman border!

Berlin is cold, about -5°C, but you can walk and walk and - see so many fantastic things!