Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009

๑۩۞۩๑ A bit Romantic Today ๑۩۞۩๑

I don't want to miss you to see this pix made yesterday almost downtown Hamburg, don't we have some lovely romantic places here?!!! ๑۩۞۩

Montag, 27. Juli 2009

♥*¨New Cuties¨*♥


The new week starts with some new crochet items - enjoy!

Freitag, 24. Juli 2009

The week flew by....

The past week just flew by and the only item I finished were these Hortense Mitts. I think they turned out fine!

Karli and I we still see us and as it was both our birthdays last week we had a party together with friends and relatives. We keep our relationship easy and we will see if we will finally find our way together again or just can't wipe away almost one and a half decades of togetherness just so....
I received this beautiful bouquet of Karli's sister and I think it is so special that I just have to show it!
The party was opend to our guests with a vernissage in the gallery; Karli showed off some new works. See also and click further via his profile to the other blogs! Enjoy!!! Happy weekend!!

Dienstag, 21. Juli 2009

♥♣♥ Ways of Life ♥♣♥

This plate is one of my booties from last weekends fleamarkets: a charity plate, handpainted with the title Ways of Life, made by Arzberg 1983! Think it is real cute ....

Sonntag, 19. Juli 2009

❀❀ Hortense Mitts ❀❀

This year Hortensias are blooming beautifully everywhere, so they inspired me to embroider some on a pair of lilac lambswool cuffs. Only one cuff is ready though...

Freitag, 17. Juli 2009

Creativ in Bad Weather!

Today is a weird day: announced are heavy showers, floods, thunderstorm, even a tornado-warning is out. Early this morning I went shopping as one of our traditional warehouses will close down, after about 100 years, within the next days. The sale is on and some articles are enormous cheap. I could get some button bases for low costs; normal price is quite high, to make more of these selfdesigned cloth buttons. Further I found some lovely Schachenmayr Catania Color Yarn, some laces and ribbons and.....I am really happy, so I can relax, sit down and be creative while the storm is raging over us....
It is still sultry and here you see what is coming right our way! Have a nice weekend though...

Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2009

~ Felted Pendants ~

Sultry, heavy shower weather that does give no relief and freshness and it is expected to even get warmer! See the clouds coming up early this morning over the river and further down how they opened up and let out masses of rain... it was hard to be outside, so I was

creative and made these three Pendants as a home decoration (click on photo to enlarge). Used felted beads as well as wooden ones and metal beads and a few gems! I am really happy with the result!!!

Sonntag, 12. Juli 2009


Today was a gloomy Sunday, so I'd better do something.....have been to two fleamarkets in Hamburg. One was absolutely giant, so that I was quite overwhelmed and in the end I finally ended up with only a very few new treasures like this green mosaic plate...
...this gray silk scarf and finally a new leather purse which I think is from India (I saw similar when I was working in India, so it is a nice reminder....)!
I started to install a new blog for the dog! Please have a look at:!

Samstag, 11. Juli 2009

♥ Dog Blog ♥

Today I decided to create an own blog for Leif Gizmo! There are so many cute and funny and intresting doggyblogs out in the web, that as soon as I have got little time I will do one for him, too! Love to read all the others and think this should be fun.... so watch out for it!

Freitag, 10. Juli 2009

~ Waterlilly Baby Pants ~

Finished the Waterlilly Pants today Y think they turne dout fine Y Wishing you all a super weekend Y

Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009

° ° Raindrops ° °

Finally rain and cool weather!!! Nice!!! Can you imagine how my plants appreciate it? Everything was hot and dusty; now the air is clear and fresh again... it was quite stormy today, what was not really that good; we have to get used to it as the next days will be very stormy as well...
Got some natural white handspun wool! We have many sheep in the area, so this is a quite common product; will keep it as it is; no colour will be added! I wanted to walk down to the beach when I met this lamb and its siblings. Had never been to this part of the river's beaches, so I didn't know that dogs are completely prohibited here....we had to move on...

Dienstag, 7. Juli 2009

~ Another Froggy ~

Yesterday the dog and I have been down at the river and guess what we found on a flood protection wall? Yes - a froggy!!! Isn't he just cute! Y

Further I almost finished this baby shorty, as announced in a former post! I used a fine quality cotton yarn Gründl Four Seasons and the green is a Horstia Trio (means cotton, linnen, viscose). I will complete it still far I am real pleased with the result! Y

This is the way down to the small, but fine and sandy beach of River Elbe, showing a large graffity with animal scenes from around the world. The dog found a buddy in same age on the beach, so he had good fun and fortunately not too many people there; big dogs need quite some space to run.....ßßßßßßßßßßßß

Montag, 6. Juli 2009

News from the Pet Front!

As it has been pretty hot the past days, also the pets mostly tried to find a cooler place and just relaxed. Today it seems we get a bit out of the warmth; it's quite gray and cloudy and we hope for some rain; the plants could need it.... Y
Yesterday I have been to a large fleamarket and I found some nice smaller items like these glas plates in shiny blue. Think they are cute. My granny had similar ones and I loved to use them when I was small.... Y

Samstag, 4. Juli 2009

~ Froggy ~

For a reason I am not quite sure of, I always seem to find find cute frogs - everywhere! Guess I will get me one of these guys ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Have a nice weekend!

Freitag, 3. Juli 2009

❀❀ Ute's Garden ❀❀

Life goes on and as weather is far too hot, so I went to a visit in Ute's pretty garden yesterday. While Gizmo played with one of his very best buddies Bosse, Ute and I had a coffee and relaxed. I took the chance and made some pix of her beautiful gardenflowers. Isn't this just lovely?

Can you see me?

Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2009

~ Just Hot ~ Deja vue ~

Ooooh well, too warm for me! It was sunny and sultry all day and we had two heavy clouds, but they led loose only a very few it will probably remain hot all night. No relief by a thunderstorm and some rain; in other parts of the country was lots of rain, but not uphere. It is so warm in my flat and I don't know how to survive this coming night!?!!
My love story to my long term guy also had a deja vue of an ugly kind: last year we parted after I found out that he was two-timing; crazy such an old man ....but we arranged us and found back together. Guess this was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made!
He gave me similar strange feelings again last week, so I decided to send him off again.
And so here we are: after 1 1/2 decades alone again, not that I mind it, it is a challange, but I can't understand the way he is acting and playing with other peoples feelings, telling wrong stories and being like a teenager. This causes me problems, we have been thru so many things all these years and now this....well, hard to understand!
Think I should have bought this polar bear to keep me company and maybe it would have cooled me down a bit!!! :) Saw it in an interieur shop recently.
I love polar bears!