Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

Montag, 29. Dezember 2008

ღ Lotsa Luck ღ

Piggies are a symbol for luck; so they are presents for New Year's Parties, best wishes for the New Year etc., I still had this cutie in my files, so here it is for all of you outthere. Let us hope for more peace and happiness in general for 2009 around the world.
It is surprising that in Scandinavia they already are a Christmas decoration...enjoy the last days of this year
ღ ღ ღ ღ

Further I participated in showing off some of my photos online via Google Earth! You can check and see whereabout the pix were shot! Enjoy!!!

Samstag, 27. Dezember 2008

☆♥☆ Paws ♥

Christmas is done and it was really peaceful and nice this year; we all had a good time. As it was also a birthday on first Christmas Day as well as on second it became a little hectic with a lot of driving inbetween. But still it was good! So it is a weekend to relax now. Had a rainbow trout in the stove and it is almost ready now. The cat was already very interested in the smell that comes out of the kitchen....
...while Gizmo remained cool and enjoyes a little nap on his bed, which is holy...after a two-hours-walk. We met this lovely family Swan; aren't they just beautiful?! The chicks are almost grown and the parents were still watching them carefully.
No snow this Christmas, therefore is more on my blog now!!!!

Donnerstag, 25. Dezember 2008


It is time to thank all friends and all people that drop by here in Bloglandia for all the nice season's greetings - I really treasure that! So many reached me this year and it makes me real happy! Only hope that next year will be a better one and that I will leave 2008 behind and forget all the obstacles that occured and that my normal physical condition will come back soonest possbile and that I can take up life with full urge again.
My special wishes go to all that are not in the best condition, too...
As you may know, the 24th Dec. is the Day of Christmas here in Germany. Though still a half working day, there is decorating the tree, family dinner and exchanging of pressies in the afternoon. First and Second Christmas Day are more relaxing with visiting friends and family or just having a good time. Enjoy the Season all around the world, whereever you may come from - Merry Christmas ★★

Mittwoch, 24. Dezember 2008

★*¨¨*★ Merry Christmas ★*¨¨*★

May Christmas bring Friends to your Fireside
Peace to your Pathway
and Good Health throughout the New Year
★★ Merry Christmas to all of you outthere in Bloglandia! ★★★★★★★★

Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2008

☆♥☆ Almost Christmas ☆♥☆

Yesterday afternoon it was lots of fun in the sandpit. As many people are already on holidays it was crowded with folks walking their dogs; about 20 dogs that all enjoyed to run free in the large sandfields; very pawfriedly...and inbetween all the large dogs this little cutie of a Jack Russell of only 8 weeks. She was not anxious and tried to play with all and all were friendly to her. So great to watch them. Only weatherwise we are not spoiled...shame that we don't have any snow for Christmas

Montag, 22. Dezember 2008

★Went Shopping ★

Today I was out to do some shopping; was in need of some new clothes for the festive days, but what really caught my eyes were these items! What do you think of this huge polar bear lamp? (I love polar bears, but this bluewhite lights are not very cozy to have in a living room...they make me shiver...)
This cutie is nice, but didn't went home with me...

Many beautiful glasses, but in the end it was just a T-Shirt i bought...

Samstag, 20. Dezember 2008

♥*¨¨*:•. Scuffle Fun Games

*¨¨*:•. A world of fun for our dogs! Early this morning we met Gilly, a black Labby, and they sure had a lot of fun!!! It's always little rough games, but they love it in the small sandpit. They are both in the same age and Gilly is a girl, so Gizmo gives lots of hugs and attention!
As supposed it's more Springlike outside just before Christmas now. We even expect a storm for the days to come...what a pity, all the winterwonderland athmosphere is gone...enjoy the last weekend before Christmas though...

Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2008

☆ Just Sockyarn ☆

The enormous variations in colours that are available in sockyarn these days is thrilling, but when used for socks only, the beautiful yarn usually disappears in shoes and boots and is hardly ever seen again! I never liked this idea and while recovering slightly from the flu I started being creative and experimental. Result was finally that I made bracelets or bangles with winded sockyarn. Think the idea is not too bad?! Love them already and will try some more soon.

~.*.~ Sheep and Yarn ~.*.~

It is not possible to sit all day at home and wait for my flu to disappear; the dog also wants his walk. Weather is gloomy, wet and gray, but it gives special images. See the sheep still out on the meadow; in the fog they make a special year, when it's warmer again their wool will probably end up here... this outlet store of the yarn factory close to my home. What a sight to see to every yarnaddict! It brings definitely colour into dull days...went home with a few strings again; can't resist. Now I cuddle up on the couch again, with tea and cat beside me, and continue knitting - and with my nose still running...... Y
Have a nice Thursday!!!

Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2008

★ Exhibition ★

Have been to a quite impressive exhibition and will not miss to show this photos to you!

Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2008

* * It snows * on my Blog * *

Snow vanished away here again, like every year right before Christmas! Not even a hoarfrost remained.....what a pity! All the athmosphere is gone. Still it is nasty cold and wet and gray.
To enjoy at least a little Christmas cozyness I let it snow on my blog here now!!! Cool, isn't it? Like it! Like also the new thumb mitts I made. They are ideal for Nordic Walking or other sporty activities. They are light and still warm and the colours are just beautiful; wool is Schachenmeyer Mexico Yarn.
Besides I am totally flat with the flu now!!! It is not funny; I feel awful. Flu wave is all around here. Hope I will be thru with it soon...
Will also load some Christmas songs on my playlist soon. So if you want to listen to it, just scroll down the list of songs and click on it...enjoy!

Samstag, 13. Dezember 2008

★*¨¨*★ Lichterglanz ★*¨¨*★

*¨¨* Today it' s Christmas Market on the island in town. A wonderful light performance was made on the walls of the watermill and around the building. It was though not dark enough when this photo was made to show the performance more effective.
*¨¨* Lichterglanz all around. About 25 small booths with beautiful pieces of art *¨¨*

*¨¨* The Christmas Tree downtown...

*¨¨* The watermill illuminated - a strange but beautiful sight. And finally the bridge to romantic castle island in town - enjoy...

Dienstag, 9. Dezember 2008

~.*.~ FLU ~.*.~ VINTAGE CUFFS ~.*.~

I did not do much the previous days! I am down with the FLU! Just feel awful; it appeared suddenly and up till today did not go away.... ugh! Nevertheless, I made another pair cuffs. Think they look lovely vintage. Are made of apricot lambswool and the hearts are NORO Kureyon in the change from darkgreen over black to light green...the tips of the hearts got each a shimmering greenish bead.... I just 'em! They look a little odd on the photo, but perfect on the arm! Enjoy your day....

Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2008

~ ♥ ~ Raised Hide ~ ♥ ~

~ ~ My pets have their origin in two different worlds. I don't think that Gizmo would still be alive if his ancestors would not been caught away from their actual home, which is in Iraq and East Turkey. Dogs mean nothing down there and are not really wanted. His mum and uncle were flewn to Germany when they were still very young, not knowing that his mum was already pregnant. Short time uphere, 8 strong pups were born and as you can see Gizmo is enjoying his life...
different story with Hexe. She as born in Skien in Norway, secure and save into a good home.
She is a Norwegian Forestcat without pedigree. This selfcreated race was already known during the Viking's high times and these days they get breed. But Hexe is still out of this selfcreated line. Small, plaice-coloured with waterresisting coat and snowshoes and brushes at the tips of her ears, like a lynx, she can survive in the harshest winters. Though she rather enjoyes the comfort life she has here. ~ ~

Samstag, 6. Dezember 2008

* * I Love Polar Bears * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Yes Polar Bears, Moose and Wolves are fascinating animals! So why not use them on cuffs? The iceblue and seagreen changing colour of the Japanese NORO Yarn makes the wristwarmers look quite arctic! The cute Polar Bear faces were crocheted and ebroidered... thinking of how to do a moose now.... :) A great weekend to all of you outthere around the world!

Donnerstag, 4. Dezember 2008

* Yes or No *

Short time ago I was offered a job at IKEA's. It is a company I would like to work for as I know it quite well. Have been there during the 90'ties as a freelanced worker and it was great. As you can see, I still have a shirt from that times and I already started working, though not yet with a real contract. They don't pay well and that makes me feel a little like a modern slave. All the social issues we had then are different now....on the other hand, it is not possible to get real good jobs in Germany at all. Economically we live in a Banana Republic....only low budget jobs are available if at all and many companies reduce or set free their employees even though they make profit in million ranges... so it is still Yes or No for me!

Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2008

~ ♥ ~ Cuffmania ♥

It's definite that I am crazy about accessoires Here another pair made of light olive lambswool and with a sewed on crocheted rosegarland It was ready only about 10 minutes, then it was sold I like it and will do some more in same manner

Montag, 1. Dezember 2008

~ ♥ ~ Exhibition done ~ ♥ ~

~ ~ Here comes my small report about 3 days exhibition on Christmas Market in town ~ ~
I am quite positive surprised as I could sell off my knitted articles. Weather is cold and nasty, so wristwarmers and hats were bestsellers. Here are some cuffs I made - enjoy ~ ~
~ ~ This is a new pair made of lambswool, knitted and felted afterwards; love to do the embroidery ~ ~

Mittwoch, 26. November 2008

~ ♥ ~ Joy in Town ~ ♥ ~

Yesterday was perfect early winter weather with lots of sunshine, blue sky and crispy air. In town the tree was built up on market place to join us thru the festive season; a lovely, giant tree this year! Christmas Market will be held in the entire city for 3 days next weekend!
As you can see this lovely sunset already announced a chance in weather! Today it was quite opposite to yesterday; it was dark all day with spray rain. Not a joy to be outside....

A giant black neighbours cat.... Y

Dienstag, 25. November 2008

Noro, Lopi and a survived storm!

The announced storm missed our area while everywhere in Germany winter arrived with his full might. We had stormwarning and extreme weather warnings, but nothing happend, I walked the dog and waited, but instead the sun came out and - remained. Though everywhere around it was different... some time ago I made this hat. You can survive the worsest storm with it; it is extremely warm. The top is Japanese Noro Yarm and the edge is
Icelandic Lett Lopi. Both are my fave yarns!
This one was made in 6 pieces out of Noro Silk Garden; looks like an onion and is warm, too!

The castle here in town - we have bigger, similar buildings though. But is is beautiful and on an island. Once this area was Danish, the style is still visible...

Sonntag, 23. November 2008

=^..^= Oh, my Dear =^..^=

European Sunday Greetings with some new pix of my dear cuties. They give me smiles while I am still quite out of order..... enjoy YYYYY
Tried to take a pic of this cone Christmas hanger; result though was different then I expected, but still worth a look.....!

Mittwoch, 19. November 2008

~ Bark and Knit ~

Dentist horror again! It was necessary to have a broken root and tooth to be digged out! I can't speak much and there are several hammers in my head. Have to see the dentist regularly to have the wound rinsed...besides to this I had an interview at IKEA's. Was strange as I could not really talk, still it was relaxed and I handed over some papers. It is good working there, even though they don't pay much! Result will come not before next week though.

In the meantime I will keep on knitting and walking the dog and just try to survive this dental surgery, which is really making me feel quite exhausted! I made another pair mitts out of lambswool; like them...
Weather is also gloomy, very much like November: spray rain, windy and gray day and about +5°C.

This is the first video I load up to be in my blog! Hope it works....see cute Bosse and Leif Gizmo playing - enjoy! Y

Sonntag, 16. November 2008

♥*¨¨*:•. First Christmas Deko ♥*¨¨*:•.

*¨¨*:•. First exhibitions for Christmas Decorations are on today *¨¨*:•.
I especially love this little new shop offering typical Danish Design.
Reminds me also a bit of my childhood!
Visit the onlineshop at! Welcome!!!!
So cute......