Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

Sonntag, 24. Januar 2010


Yes, indeed a little confidence in regard of hubby's illness! The doc we met at Cancer Center in Hamburg was really cool and he said that there is always hope, even in such an advanced stage. It is still hard for me to understand that such a sturdy, healthy looking and living man has such a zombie inside eating him up.... the doc made his case as exigence, so all was very easy and I am very thankful for the prompt meeting that took place. Tomorrow hubby will get a stent and Tuesday a port and Thursday another meeting and hopefully beginning of is an oilpainting hubby made some time ago and which I really adore. He is an artist! And I hope he can be creative again soonest possible!


5 Kommentare:

Mein Herzwerk hat gesagt…

Hallo Bea,
ist ER das??????
Ich fand es schön, daß Du hier warst...freue mich auf unser nächstes Treffen!
GLG, Imke

Mein Herzwerk hat gesagt…

Lach...doch Bea sie werden weiß! auf jeden Fall der Tisch und Regal!

Formerly known as Frau hat gesagt…

I hope your hubby returns to his former health. He seems like a very talented artist. Prayers!

Die Fadenwirkerin hat gesagt…

Ich wünsche Deinem Mann alles nur erdenklich Gute und das er wieder gesund wird! Ich denke an Euch.

LG von Jule

KaWiMo hat gesagt…

Hallo Bea,
auch von mir alles erdenklich Gute für deinen Mann.
LG Karin