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Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

In need of some Wool for Felting? ✿

The dog needs a walkie, that's for sure. So I got up and hobbled around a bit in the bright sunshine we have today. It was frosty last night and that looked beautifil early this morning. Winter is definitely on it's way, but I also saw these flowers above, blooming like mad in the shrillest pink I have seen in a long time, directly by the pavement.

I have some more roving, unspun wool, that I don't need. Anybody intrested? It is gorgeous! Above is the softest and prettiest genuine Iceland wool you can think of. Natural silvergray colour. Felts real easy; I still have a few 100 grams left of it!

This is a pretty Merino from New Zealand with coloured cotton spots in it. Of this I also still have quite an amount!
Sunday is almost done - I am wishing you a lovely new careful!
Shark Gotcha

3 Kommentare:

Miss Marty hat gesagt…

Good day Bea,

Are you selling the wool? I would love to have some beautiful Iceland wool. Please let me know.

bea's blog hat gesagt…


Thanx for your comment on my blogpost regarding wool for felting! (
Yes, I have some for sale!
You could see the gray one from Iceland, which is really excellent, and the white one with spots fron NZ.
Further I have wool from Switzerland, which is beautiful white, soft and easy to use.
And I have camelwool from Russia and some dusty pink Merino roving from Australia.
Also there is some very light natural yellow Skudden wool; Skudden are a very old and rare sheep breed. All kinds are excellent for felting!
My prices are not very high! If you have an interest just get touch. Stay well!

Lotsa Love

Petunia hat gesagt…

Hei Bea!
Jeg ser du har satt deg på "Himmelsk" listen, men en linkt til bloggenn din og ikke til et innlegg. Jeg finner ikke, eller er ikke sikker på hvilket av innleggene du ønsker å ha med på "Himmelsk" denne uken. Gi meg beskjed om hva jeg skal linke til, så ordner jeg det for deg!