Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

* 11.1.11 *

I just had a look thru all the items I never used - quite some treasures I found! Some years ago I was real crazy about Mammoth Ivory and I got this brooch and bracelet. I was real crazy about all prehistoric subjects though! Although I love roses, too, I decided to have these two items out for sale. The carving is quite new, about 20 years old, but the Mammoth Ivory is, of course, much older - about at least 8000 years. If you are intrested, just give me a is special to own a piece of jewellery of earth's history...

Also I just love these pincushions I found on Etsy! They are so beautiful! I posted some others before and I had to show one once is matching somehow with the new colours of the Faroer yarn.....

11 is actually my fave number, so today should have been a good day for me, but I am freezing all day. It was nice and sunny most of the day, but the icy wind made you shiver to the bone. All the snow is almost gone, what is a relief when walking or driving. Still winter is here and will not let go yet.....

Well sometimes I go out, by myself, And I look across the water.
And I think of all the things, What you're doing,
And in my head I paint a picture.
Well since I've come home, Well my body's been a mess,
And I miss your ginger hair, And the way you like to dress.
Snöen er nesten borte, men det var faktisk iskald i dag, sa jeg vil snarrt ga til sengs i dag!
I dag jeg var ogsa i alle mine skattekister og faktisk resultaten bli at jeg vil gjerne selge noen skatter; som denne brosje og armband laget av russisk Mammut elfenben. En kostbar nydelig prehistorisk material. Jeg aldri har brukt den! Sa i fall du har intresse, bare spörre meg....ogsa da er noen nye färöiske ullfarger. Tenker den er veldig flott igjen....

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Unknown hat gesagt…

Wow great finds. I love that pincushion! And the ivory things are really beautiful.